Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection

What is the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection?

The AEC Collection provides designers, engineers and contractors a set of BIM and CAD tools supported by a cloud-based common data environment that facilitates project delivery from early-stage design through to construction.

  • Create high-quality, high-performing building and infrastructure designs with conceptual and detailed design tools.
  • Optimise projects with integrated analysis, generative design, and visualisation and simulation tools.
  • Improve predictability in the field with tools that maximise constructability and project coordination.
Products included in the AEC Collection




 Navisworks Manage

 Autodesk Docs

 Civil 3D


How can using the AEC Collection Benefit you

The AEC Collection accelerates design processes and improves quality with integrated workflows for document management, conceptual design, modeling, coordination, and documentation.

Explore workflows by industry:

Building Design 
Improve design quality

Exceed client expectations with design and analysis software that allows you to tap into your creativity and problem solving.

Work better together

Improve project collaboration and performance with a cloud-based common data environment.

Accelerate the design process

With intelligent model-based design and task automation, you can focus on the most important design challenges.

Infrastructure Design
Make better design decisions

Work with connected tools for concepting, design, analysis, and optimisation to better meet design requirements and enhance client satisfaction.

Streamline team coordination

Improve project collaboration and performance with a cloud-based common data environment.

Keep constructability top of mind

Coordinate effectively from design to construction to reduce risks, minimise RFIs, and ensure constructability.

Mitigate risks early

Use a single document management platform across design and construction to better control quality, cost, and schedule.

Avoid costly rework

Use powerful 3D coordination tools that detect clashes, errors, and omissions.

Drive innovation

Push your projects further with confidence using schedule and cost simulation.

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